Meat What?

Mini MeatloafWe had dinner with Pace and Joy and Brad and Tiffany tonight. Joy made fabulous meatloaf in a cupcake pan, creating adorable personal sized meat loaves. Mini meat loaves sounded like a perfect name for them, but some of the boys wanted to call them meat cakes or cow pies… NOT so appealing. I think you should give yummy food a yummy name, so people will be more inclined to eat it. Meat cake makes me think of disgusting friut cake, except instead of fruit, little chunks of meat. Yuck! (I really wanted to blog about this before Pace did and I won, cuz he’s too busy playing that silly boy game, what’s it called BattleBlah?! heeheehee) Bytheway, I found this picture of what was so accurately described as mini meatloaf! Humpf!


3 thoughts on “Meat What?

  1. Good thing no one will see this before my post about it b/c no one is used to coming here to read anything…. ohhhhh DIS! Maybe if you blog two times next week I’ll believe this isnt’ just a lucky streak.

  2. Thanks for posting on our blog. I think maybe I need to remind our family about our web address and how they must post or die!!!!

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