Good idea, bad idea?

So today we took 56 third graders on BYU campus to visit the planetarium,and the bean science museum to see the reptile show. We went to the Eyring Science Center and about 3/4 of the students were entertained by the stories and pictures of constellations and planets and galaxies…poor little Zach couldn’t stay in his seat for more than five minutes. Luckily for Darin, he got to sit by him (Darin met us on campus and went to the show with us). Then we paraded across campus and up the ramp to the Museum, for a fabulous reptile show, where the presenter actually tried to answer all of the students questions and let my chatterbox go on and on four or five times–didn’t she learn after the first time that the girl could talk forever?! Then we quickly walked back to the Eyring to line the hall off the main lobby with children eating sack lunches. After finishing they explored every science experiment in the lobby (which I am sure distracted some students trying to study in the lobby). However, we didn’t lose any kids, or spill any blood so I have to consider the trip a success. Perhaps it might’ve seemed like a crazy idea, but it was a good one! Plus, it took up most of the day which students love, and of course, teachers do too!


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