Pursuit of Happyness made me smile…

…and cry.  It was really good.  I thought Will Smith and his son did an awesome job.  You really feel bad for the guy, one awful thing after another, trying to get him down, trying to make him give up, but he was determined.  Reminds me of people I know.  You have to have that determination to succeed.  He really gave all he had.  Darin and I would give this movie two thumbs up!

6 thoughts on “Pursuit of Happyness made me smile…

  1. That comment up there wasn’t really me. You could have guessed that though! We want to see that movie. Maybe when you guys come sit at our house again for the evening we’ll go out and see it! 😉

  2. Pace, look into my spinning wheel…you want to see the movie, you want to see the movie… Darin and I give it two thumbs up, like Siskel and Ebert. You should like things that don’t blow up! We will watch Chase so you can go see it! p.s. yes, it is really Will’s son!

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