80s Oilers finish the season off with another win!

The boys played the Warlords last night. The team they beat 2 years ago for championship. There were really only 2 remaining team members from their old team. One of which was the goalie, who was wearing the biggest hockey pads I have ever seen. He literally covered 3/4 of the goal. But we rocked them 10-2. Also one of their players got a yellow card, and one got a red card for slashing and throwing his stick after the call. The supervisor said he only has problems when our team is playing… either our boys are good at playing dirty without ANYONE seeing, or some team just do not know to act when they get slaughtered! Really though, our boys beat teams on the hustle, they take more shots on goal, and they know how to handle the puck! Hope tournament play is successful without too much fit throwing!


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