Yes folks, the 80s Oilers dominated floor hockey this year!

The Mighty Jackalopes put in the first goal, so we knew they came to win. We put on the hustle and ended the first two periods 9-1. Pretty sweet! They weren’t gonna give up though, and they scored 4 goals in 4 minutes during the 3 period. We decided we better not back off anymore and put on some pressure. The final score was 9-5. For some this will be the first champion shirt of many, and for some it will be the last! Perhaps though Darin might get to play next year since we will be around here!

Congrats Darin, Justin, Richard, Buddy, Mitch, Devin, Kirt, and John!

Ya’ll are freakin’ awesome!

The first two periods were sweet with us ahead 9-1.



Darin’s SHUTOUT!!!

Tough Goalie Last night the 80s Oilers played the Mighty Jackalopes in tournament.Darin had been visualizing a shut out all day, and it paid off! Nothin’ got by him! They were an awesome team, but the Oilers’ hustle prevailed. The tension increased in the third period, with the looming loss for the Jackalopes, so we Oiler wives quieted down a little so not to rub it in to the Jackalope wives.

We head into the semifinals after this 3-0 win!!


march-2007-002.jpg Darin@GogiMania Mom&Dad@GogiMania

Well, we spent the last weekend in Vegas. Woohoo! We wanted to go visit UNLV and check out the PT school. We had a great visit with the dean of the school, we know people he knows. It would be a great school to attend! (especially financially)

Mom and Dad Payne were down already for a Goji conference, so we spent a lot of free time with them! We attended some of the conference as Darci & Patrick, which was fun until someone asked me, “Where in Kansas are you from, Darci?”…which flustered me for a second to realize she was talking to me, but I quickly recovered and answered correctly…she was from somewhere in Missouri, which I probably would have known if I was the real Darci!

Also they had Rex (a child who was born blind and autistic, but has an amazing talent for music) come and perform, amazing! We had a fabulous 90-degree GojiMania weekend!

Sweet, sad, but endearing…

Well I finished The Memory Keeper’s Daughter and I just couldn’t stop reading it. Darin complained that all I was doing was reading that book…but I beg to differ! I have to say that it is an interesting story, and the whole time I kept wanting things to be different, wanting everyone to know the truth. I think that is what the author is trying to do, she gives you two parallel lives and you wonder what they would be like if they were connected, which some wonder in the book too! So I am trying to give this book a great review, but if you don’t like having an internal struggle with the way the characters behave, then don’t read this book! Mom, I think you would like it! (That’s Mom Whitaker and Mom Payne!)

80s Oilers knock A-Team out of Winner’s Bracket!

Well, last night was a heck of a game! The Oilers started off with a a strong lead 2-0 in the first period. The A-Team were definitely not happy about it, but didn’t get any yellows or reds, just a minor for slashing. In the second period, the A-Team came out with gusto and scored two goals. They had few shots on goal, but one was unstoppable and the other just snuck right past Darin. He did have an amazing save in the third period. The A-Team started to breakdown in the third period when our guys continued to beat them to the ball, strip it from them with ease, and hustle more. Reminder that the A-Team already has a grudge against us from last time we beat them in season (I think we might have been the only team they lost to, I don’t know.), so they were playing quite aggressively, outright violent at times. A handful of times they stepped on our guys sticks, and then fell trying to make it appear that they were tripped. Richard jerked his stick out from under a guy’s foot and he fell hard… totally deserved it. Anyway, we had a few violations and minors called on our team too, some undeserved, but not too bad. So third period was pretty heated with both teams wanting to score. With a minute and a half to go, the sarcastic jerk (I really didn’t like him at the last game, bad attitude) from the A-Team was getting mad and slashed or checked (I can’t remember) to get a 2 minute penalty… whatever it was was pretty serious. Then with a minute to go Justin scored on the power play! The guys continued to drive, not allowing them the chance to even shoot. We won 3-2. Well they didn’t take it so well, the goalie threw his chest protector and it hit me in the head (It didn’t hurt, but that’s gross), which caused him to get a yellow card. Then the sarcastic jerk told the refs that they were horrible and they gave us the game and that they need to go get some training, blah, blah blah, which caused him to get a yellow card. Then the goalie whacked or threw his goalie stick, causing it to break, causing him to now get a red card! Scary! So supposedly the tournament is double elimination which means if they beat everyone in the loser’s bracket we would have to play them again, we are kinda hoping they won’t get to continue in the tournament because of their unsportsmanlike behavior, or maybe the psychos shouldn’t get to play, cause their were a few guys who joined their team late and they knew how to keep levelheaded! Well, I am probably boring you now, but now that the Oilers won and will advance in the tournament! (Oh, I took a picture of Darin at the game, but he wouldn’t let me put it on the blog, because he looked gross in it!)


Well everyone, today we reached a milestone for our blog. Mom Whitaker (or Mee-Maw as she likes to call herself) has officially commented on our blog. We hope she will inspire her entire family to follow her righteous example of blogging. HOORAY! We look forward to hearing from the rest of you!

SEPs …check

So I just finished Parent-Teacher Conferences, with all but one family, and I realize that I am not telling the parents anything they don’t already know.  However, the fact that someone else is pointing it out makes them think twice about how they are handling it (or not).  All parents have good intentions, just like teachers, but sometimes its tough to follow through.  All in all, I’ve come away from SEPs with a renewed hope in my students’ potential, a reflective outlook on how I have been teaching and mentoring, and a great appreciation for parents in my life!  Keep up the good work, and be proud of you and your child’s accomplishments!