Well everyone, today we reached a milestone for our blog. Mom Whitaker (or Mee-Maw as she likes to call herself) has officially commented on our blog. We hope she will inspire her entire family to follow her righteous example of blogging. HOORAY! We look forward to hearing from the rest of you!



  1. Hey,to my greatgrandson Luke. Thank you for the christmas card and picture of your family.
    Hope you had a great christmas and got lots of great presents. We love you and hope for the best for you. Love. GGrandma and GGrandpa Keck

  2. Hey to the Payne family,
    How is it going with the whole house to yourselves? Your pictures are great and all look fine.
    We are getting older and creakier, but are having a great time doing what we can do. Especially in our Ward. There are inactives returning to activity and many investigators coming to church.
    It is a very exciting time for me.
    We love seeing how your family is growing.
    Give everyone a hug and tell Luke we love him.

    Grandpa and grandma Keck

  3. A very Merry Christmas to Darin, Nada and Luke. Catherine and I are having a quit and lazy christmas day. Enjoying the many gifts we have received. It is not a white christmas for us after all. But we are still happy and full of good food. we returned from charleston, SC on tues evening after attending Danny and april’s wedding on Sat. Alan’s son.
    we hope you have had a great christmas and will have a very good 2010.
    We love you and gope the best for you all.
    Grandpa & grandma Keck

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