80s Oilers knock A-Team out of Winner’s Bracket!

Well, last night was a heck of a game! The Oilers started off with a a strong lead 2-0 in the first period. The A-Team were definitely not happy about it, but didn’t get any yellows or reds, just a minor for slashing. In the second period, the A-Team came out with gusto and scored two goals. They had few shots on goal, but one was unstoppable and the other just snuck right past Darin. He did have an amazing save in the third period. The A-Team started to breakdown in the third period when our guys continued to beat them to the ball, strip it from them with ease, and hustle more. Reminder that the A-Team already has a grudge against us from last time we beat them in season (I think we might have been the only team they lost to, I don’t know.), so they were playing quite aggressively, outright violent at times. A handful of times they stepped on our guys sticks, and then fell trying to make it appear that they were tripped. Richard jerked his stick out from under a guy’s foot and he fell hard… totally deserved it. Anyway, we had a few violations and minors called on our team too, some undeserved, but not too bad. So third period was pretty heated with both teams wanting to score. With a minute and a half to go, the sarcastic jerk (I really didn’t like him at the last game, bad attitude) from the A-Team was getting mad and slashed or checked (I can’t remember) to get a 2 minute penalty… whatever it was was pretty serious. Then with a minute to go Justin scored on the power play! The guys continued to drive, not allowing them the chance to even shoot. We won 3-2. Well they didn’t take it so well, the goalie threw his chest protector and it hit me in the head (It didn’t hurt, but that’s gross), which caused him to get a yellow card. Then the sarcastic jerk told the refs that they were horrible and they gave us the game and that they need to go get some training, blah, blah blah, which caused him to get a yellow card. Then the goalie whacked or threw his goalie stick, causing it to break, causing him to now get a red card! Scary! So supposedly the tournament is double elimination which means if they beat everyone in the loser’s bracket we would have to play them again, we are kinda hoping they won’t get to continue in the tournament because of their unsportsmanlike behavior, or maybe the psychos shouldn’t get to play, cause their were a few guys who joined their team late and they knew how to keep levelheaded! Well, I am probably boring you now, but now that the Oilers won and will advance in the tournament! (Oh, I took a picture of Darin at the game, but he wouldn’t let me put it on the blog, because he looked gross in it!)


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