Sweet, sad, but endearing…

Well I finished The Memory Keeper’s Daughter and I just couldn’t stop reading it. Darin complained that all I was doing was reading that book…but I beg to differ! I have to say that it is an interesting story, and the whole time I kept wanting things to be different, wanting everyone to know the truth. I think that is what the author is trying to do, she gives you two parallel lives and you wonder what they would be like if they were connected, which some wonder in the book too! So I am trying to give this book a great review, but if you don’t like having an internal struggle with the way the characters behave, then don’t read this book! Mom, I think you would like it! (That’s Mom Whitaker and Mom Payne!)


3 thoughts on “Sweet, sad, but endearing…

  1. I liked this book too. I kept wanting to just shake them all and say “Just talk about it for heavens sake!” Sigh.

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