Yes folks, the 80s Oilers dominated floor hockey this year!

The Mighty Jackalopes put in the first goal, so we knew they came to win. We put on the hustle and ended the first two periods 9-1. Pretty sweet! They weren’t gonna give up though, and they scored 4 goals in 4 minutes during the 3 period. We decided we better not back off anymore and put on some pressure. The final score was 9-5. For some this will be the first champion shirt of many, and for some it will be the last! Perhaps though Darin might get to play next year since we will be around here!

Congrats Darin, Justin, Richard, Buddy, Mitch, Devin, Kirt, and John!

Ya’ll are freakin’ awesome!

The first two periods were sweet with us ahead 9-1.



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