Well everyone, today we reached a milestone for our blog. Mom Whitaker (or Mee-Maw as she likes to call herself) has officially commented on our blog. We hope she will inspire her entire family to follow her righteous example of blogging. HOORAY! We look forward to hearing from the rest of you!


SEPs …check

So I just finished Parent-Teacher Conferences, with all but one family, and I realize that I am not telling the parents anything they don’t already know.  However, the fact that someone else is pointing it out makes them think twice about how they are handling it (or not).  All parents have good intentions, just like teachers, but sometimes its tough to follow through.  All in all, I’ve come away from SEPs with a renewed hope in my students’ potential, a reflective outlook on how I have been teaching and mentoring, and a great appreciation for parents in my life!  Keep up the good work, and be proud of you and your child’s accomplishments!