Ahhh…Hockey Playoffs

Yes folks, it is that time of the year again when we get to watch grown men knock each others’ teeth out and slap a silly rubber disk around a pool of frozen dihydrogen monoxide. Unfortunately for both Pace and I, neither the Oilers or the Hurricanes made the playoffs this year. This is saddening. (Also the fact that the Nashville Predators and Calgary Flames have already taken a bow is sad) But, do not fear, there is plenty of playoff action ahead,and 2 Canadian teams are still in there. GO CANUCKS and SENATORS! What do you think? Is hockey one of the best sports of all time?


Thank you, tahnk you, tanhk you…

We are excited to have spiced up our blog! Thanks to the amazing talent of the one and only Pace McCulloch. He can do so much in so little time. And if he doesn’t know how to do it, he can figure it out himself! We are grateful for his work, and for Joy letting us monopolize his time the other night! He even let us in on the secrets of the slideshow, the coolest feature ever! I tried to put a survey back on, but couldn’t even figure that out!  So, …Do ya’ll like it?

A Little Update!

Darin's Birthday
Darin had a fabulous birthday!
New shoes, shirts, golf bag, movies, and money!
On his birthday…
We went out to eat at P.F. Chang’s, one of our favorites.
The waiter even put a candle in his free birthday treat!
Then we watched the March Madness Championship game!
Aaron in SLC
Then Aaron came to visit. First Whitaker to visit since I graduated!
He wasn’t just here to see us, but we pretended he was!
We BBQed, played Bocci, watched the Office.
Then we went to Benihana’s, played more games,
ate ice cream, watched more of The Office!
It was so much fun!
Yay for Aaron for visiting!
Who’s next?

Conference Weekend

It is always great to sit at the feet of prophets and be instructed by them. I really enjoyed Elder Holland’s talk about “the tongue” and how it can wound so deeply. I also really enjoyed Pres. Hinckley’s comments in priesthood about how much has happened since he has been the President of the church! It is remarkable how he is still going strong at 97. Anyways, what was your favorite part of conference?