A Little Update!

Darin's Birthday
Darin had a fabulous birthday!
New shoes, shirts, golf bag, movies, and money!
On his birthday…
We went out to eat at P.F. Chang’s, one of our favorites.
The waiter even put a candle in his free birthday treat!
Then we watched the March Madness Championship game!
Aaron in SLC
Then Aaron came to visit. First Whitaker to visit since I graduated!
He wasn’t just here to see us, but we pretended he was!
We BBQed, played Bocci, watched the Office.
Then we went to Benihana’s, played more games,
ate ice cream, watched more of The Office!
It was so much fun!
Yay for Aaron for visiting!
Who’s next?

11 thoughts on “A Little Update!

  1. Yep, I’m was in Firefox but now it’s working in Explorer…I guess that’s the ticket? It looks like it was a fun time!

  2. Whoa baby what an amazing blog you have! Someone incredibly talented and skilled and handsome must have been involved here (And that SLIDESHOW! WOOOHOOO!) πŸ˜‰

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