Thank you, tahnk you, tanhk you…

We are excited to have spiced up our blog! Thanks to the amazing talent of the one and only Pace McCulloch. He can do so much in so little time. And if he doesn’t know how to do it, he can figure it out himself! We are grateful for his work, and for Joy letting us monopolize his time the other night! He even let us in on the secrets of the slideshow, the coolest feature ever! I tried to put a survey back on, but couldn’t even figure that out!  So, …Do ya’ll like it?


2 thoughts on “Thank you, tahnk you, tanhk you…

  1. Glad to help, I really like your new theme, I plan on stealing some styles from you. Also, your widget thing is fixed in the backend, you can easily edit your sidebar content. Go check it out, and put your poll system back up. Love ya!

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