Ahhh…Hockey Playoffs

Yes folks, it is that time of the year again when we get to watch grown men knock each others’ teeth out and slap a silly rubber disk around a pool of frozen dihydrogen monoxide. Unfortunately for both Pace and I, neither the Oilers or the Hurricanes made the playoffs this year. This is saddening. (Also the fact that the Nashville Predators and Calgary Flames have already taken a bow is sad) But, do not fear, there is plenty of playoff action ahead,and 2 Canadian teams are still in there. GO CANUCKS and SENATORS! What do you think? Is hockey one of the best sports of all time?


8 thoughts on “Ahhh…Hockey Playoffs

  1. i disagree. either the sens or the canucks are going a long way. have you seen Luongo? the canucks goalie? he’s on fire.

  2. HAha (Simpsons style) While it’s one of the lamest teams in the USA, they still beat out your Canadian team again. MAY THE STANLEY CUP ALWAYS STAY IN THE GREAT UNITED STATES!!!

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