Yay! School is OUT!

So today was the last day for me! Hooray. I didn’t even cry this year…I am ready for a break! I will miss most of the students, but a few I definitely need the summer to get over! We had our closing luncheon at Las Hermanos, and Joy, this time I liked it. So my classroom is all clean and packed up on the counters. I am taking my first class Monday, but at least I get to sleep in tomorrow! p.s. My birthday is on Sunday, so I will enjoy having my birthday weekend school-free! p.p.s. Supposedly negotiations went well and the salary as been increased by 2500, thanks to some amazing money that legislative turned up. I’m excited either way!


I Love the Eagle.

the eagle
This morning after I dropped Nada off at school, I was listening to the radio. The station I chose to listen to was 101.5 “The Eagle,” my favorite country station. All of a sudden the one guy says, “I feel like giving away tickets to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on June 11th.” Be caller #20 and you will win. I thought to myself ” I never try to win these things…I should try this time…” I tried 5 times. On the fifth time it started ringing. (The other times were a busy tone) Suddenly, a voice came on the other side and said “Hello, who’s this?” I said “Darin” He Said “Darin, congratulations you are caller 20…the tickets are YOURS!” I just said “Wooo!” He asked me why I was awake so early and I said “I was taking my wife to work” He then proceeded to ask me “Who will you take with you?” I responded “My Lovely Wife” Awwww… SO, we are going to Tim and Faith on June 11. Winning free stuff ROCKS!

The New Zion–Hobble Creek!

Finally, the LONG awaited time came this weekend that I finally got to play GOLF. Myself and 3 others were able to take in the beauty of the Hobble Creek golf course this weekend…18 holes of pure bliss. I always forget how much I truly love golf until I get back out there and play. Mind you, I could have played much better than I did, but still, even the bad shots don’t bother you when you are out there for the first time of the year. I did lose by two strokes, but even that has already been forgotten as I long to play again! Anybody want to come with me? I’ll buy you a snickers bar…

My First Visit to IKEA!

So yesterday Bernice introduced me to the world of IKEA.  We were there for over 4 hours and I didn’t even spend a $100.  I have to say it is quite an experience! You can drop off your kids at this play place.  They get signed in and out and tagged and everything!  Then you are shuttled upstairs on an escalator to the showroom where you can see layouts of all their designs and try out every piece of furniture.  I got tired!  So we stopped at the cafeteria style eatery and got kid’s meals!  Only a $1.99 for swedish meatballs, french fries and a drink!  Once we were rejuvenated we went downstairs to shop!  I bought some cool things, like an under-the-bed-basket for only $10, and curtains for $8 (but I don’t think they will quite match my bedroom 😦 but that’s okay, not everything works!).  IKEA is great for furniture, but we don’t really need much right now.  Cute cribs though!  Dad, they have shelves that you don’t see the what holds them up!  You want me to get you some?

Baby Name Suggestions

baby names
Since Nada is 3 and a half months pregnant, we thought we would get some input on some possible baby names. No, we do not know the sex of our firstborn yet, but we are welcome to ALL names. We are accepting bribes for those of you who want us to name the baby after them, but keep in mind that we only accept large sums of cash…in small bills.

Ahhh Goodwood!

Darin’s parents came into town and we decided we needed to visit the long forgotten Goodwood.  Remember how delicious it is?  SO DELICIOUS!  I (Nada), of course, had the pulled pork sandwich (as always).  Darin ventured for 3 different meats, including a fabulous sausage.  Mom Payne indulged in the sirloin and Dad Payne devoured the prime rib.  They were really slow getting us drinks and salads, computer problem, so they gave us free dessert!  Now that’s service done right!  Let me to you, their pecan pie is melt-in-your-mouth AMAZING!  If you’ve never tried it, you would love it!  I now crave it fortnightly!


Well, it wasn’t a big deal, but a BYU student pulled out from her parking spot on the side of the road right into my car as I was driving Darin to school. Now each street has a stop sign on third, so I just stopped at 5th and wasn’t driving very fast and was approaching the stop sign on sixth when she pulled out and hit us, scraping all along the passenger side of the car. I don’t think she checked her mirrors or over her shoulder, because she would’ve seen us coming. Hopefully the insurance will take care of it promptly and properly. But now worries, I won’t get taken advantage of, I’ve already got my own quotes and values. I’ll put up some pictures tomorrow, so you can see why Darin almost pooped his pants…heehee!

CLose-Up     All Along the Side      Back Passenger Door