Baby Name Suggestions

baby names
Since Nada is 3 and a half months pregnant, we thought we would get some input on some possible baby names. No, we do not know the sex of our firstborn yet, but we are welcome to ALL names. We are accepting bribes for those of you who want us to name the baby after them, but keep in mind that we only accept large sums of cash…in small bills.


21 thoughts on “Baby Name Suggestions

  1. Darin and Nada,
    Congratulations! This is great news. I am happy that the next generation will be added to again. As far as names, since you live in Utah you should do one of those weird things, like the parent’s name backwards – Adan, oh you practically already have that nephew, or Narid, that sounds like you are trying to get rid of lice. How about a combination of your names – Danada – that seems like I am saying you’re welcome in Spanish. You could pronounce it to rhyme with Canada as a salute to Darin! Or Narin – that one sounds like a nasal spray. Maybe you want someone else to come up with names. Love you,

  2. And of course I meant Nirad for Darin backwards. I am not really dyslexic. That one works for either a boy or a girl. I wonder if I will ever be “moderated.”

  3. I think if you have a girl you should name her Karlie (spelled any way you want of course) and if you have a boy you should name him Alex

  4. sorry about the moderation ordeal…we were just wondering why nobody comments on our blog, and yet there you were.
    Please continue to comment as you are now permanently moderation free.

  5. hey guys i’m glad you’re so excited about the baby i’ll think of some names and ones that i don’t plan on usuing that are still cute lol talk to ya soon

  6. Wahooo!! I am sooo excited for you guys! Nada, I am still so embarrassed that I slacked on my blog checking responsibility the ONE WEEK that this opst goes up! Oh, don’t judge me…

    Anyways, as far as names go, how do these sound…Emily, Emma, Emilia, Emiline, Emilio, Emil…or I also liked Danada – let’s talk clever;)

  7. Did you get the wrong post, Pace? I’m afraid he doesn’t sing about Walmart or Costco. He does have a song about Sky Mall, though.

  8. Congratulations… well for a girl i like elizabeth, lizz or beth for short; for a boy i like benjamin, ben or benji for short

  9. names that work for either sex – Ashley, Taylor, Cory, Don/Dawn, Erin/Aaron, Sunshine, Willie, Alex, Dylan, Jo(e), Sam, Tyler,

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