My First Visit to IKEA!

So yesterday Bernice introduced me to the world of IKEA.  We were there for over 4 hours and I didn’t even spend a $100.  I have to say it is quite an experience! You can drop off your kids at this play place.  They get signed in and out and tagged and everything!  Then you are shuttled upstairs on an escalator to the showroom where you can see layouts of all their designs and try out every piece of furniture.  I got tired!  So we stopped at the cafeteria style eatery and got kid’s meals!  Only a $1.99 for swedish meatballs, french fries and a drink!  Once we were rejuvenated we went downstairs to shop!  I bought some cool things, like an under-the-bed-basket for only $10, and curtains for $8 (but I don’t think they will quite match my bedroom 😦 but that’s okay, not everything works!).  IKEA is great for furniture, but we don’t really need much right now.  Cute cribs though!  Dad, they have shelves that you don’t see the what holds them up!  You want me to get you some?

8 thoughts on “My First Visit to IKEA!

  1. I soooo can’t believe you didn’t spend more money girly! But…you’re a good example for me…I could soooo spend more money then I did. :o) Good thing you were there to stop me. But I was happy to introduce you to the world of Ikea! :o)…So…when’s our next trip? ;o)

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