The New Zion–Hobble Creek!

Finally, the LONG awaited time came this weekend that I finally got to play GOLF. Myself and 3 others were able to take in the beauty of the Hobble Creek golf course this weekend…18 holes of pure bliss. I always forget how much I truly love golf until I get back out there and play. Mind you, I could have played much better than I did, but still, even the bad shots don’t bother you when you are out there for the first time of the year. I did lose by two strokes, but even that has already been forgotten as I long to play again! Anybody want to come with me? I’ll buy you a snickers bar…


6 thoughts on “The New Zion–Hobble Creek!

  1. Glad you got out to play. Jeff’s playing every Friday morning at sun up (think around 5) to get ready for you boys this summer! Starts chanting GOLF! GOLF! GOLF!

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