I Love the Eagle.

the eagle
This morning after I dropped Nada off at school, I was listening to the radio. The station I chose to listen to was 101.5 “The Eagle,” my favorite country station. All of a sudden the one guy says, “I feel like giving away tickets to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on June 11th.” Be caller #20 and you will win. I thought to myself ” I never try to win these things…I should try this time…” I tried 5 times. On the fifth time it started ringing. (The other times were a busy tone) Suddenly, a voice came on the other side and said “Hello, who’s this?” I said “Darin” He Said “Darin, congratulations you are caller 20…the tickets are YOURS!” I just said “Wooo!” He asked me why I was awake so early and I said “I was taking my wife to work” He then proceeded to ask me “Who will you take with you?” I responded “My Lovely Wife” Awwww… SO, we are going to Tim and Faith on June 11. Winning free stuff ROCKS!


11 thoughts on “I Love the Eagle.

  1. Woohoo! I am so excited to go to the concert with Darin! I think that is amazing that he won, especially since I always try to win things and never do…he’s got the lucky touch! Yay, free concert! Any seat will be a great seat. DATE NIGHT!

  2. I am going to that concert here in DC on July 7th. It should be great. I had to pay though. free tickets are much better. Have fun.

  3. So cool! I’ve tried those calling in things before but to no avail… but I did buy a bike at a garage sale this morning for 5 bucks (since my other one got stolen)… Cool huh!

  4. Sweet! What kind of bike is it? I want Darin to get my bike fixed up (maybe that would be a good present, Darin!!) so I can ride this summer. It is so nice out. Do you have a seat for Chase to ride in?

  5. ok, no more ideas of what Joy should buy with her new bike. She got it for 5 bucks, that’s all she needs. Good work dear.

  6. Very cool. I once won tickets to Shania Twain. I won 4 tickets and took Patrick, of course, and the Peos…How was the concert? Details please!

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