About last week…

So I already posted this once, but I’ll post again for those that didn’t get to read it for the 3 hours it was on the blog before being permanently deleted. Last week we went to the concert. The fabulous Tim and Faith concert. We were on the last row of the upper bowl, but they was so amazing that we didn’t mind (plus the tickets were free)!!

Winners Faith Hill Tim McGraw Last row

Darin has been on a country kick ever since. He blasts his own mix CD wherever we go. Poor Jack, doesn’t even like country music and we were singing along yesterday in the car! I bet he will volunteer to drive next time we somewhere, just to control the music! Our favorite song though, you should check it out here!
Then I took off for Park City, leaving Darin to study Physics. While I was learning new ideas for teaching math and science, shopping until my feet hurt, and seeing a new side to the crazy teachers I work with, Darin managed to ace his physics test (I hope), work a lot, and put together his new clubs (which he has yet to report on, I’ll give him a nudge)!

I just finished another two-day class today. Digital Video Class. We just played around on iMovie, which is rather fun. I had to make a short movie, so just ask me to show you Making Milkshakes starring Darin Payne next time we are together! Now if only I could get to work on the hours of video footage I have since we’ve been married, maybe I could really accomplish something!


9 thoughts on “About last week…

  1. Ya, me too. Glad to see it’s mostly back. iMovies sounds fun Nada, bring the milkshake movie to Cardston will ya? I’d love to check it out.

  2. Oddly enough, I had no idea.. it was showin up fine for us, Joy and I thought our family and friends just all of a sudden died.

  3. Hey there!!! Sounds like you guys are having a great summer! So I am totally jealous of the Tim and Faith concert! NO FAIR!! And…your classes sound really fun…I totally want to take some fun classes like that…digital video…cool! SO….WHEN DO YOU FIND OUT WHAT YOU ARE HAVING?? BOY or GIRL??? AHHH…I am so excited for you! I love your website too…well…talk to you later!

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