My New Clubs…and Hobby.

As you read, I did finally finish my new set of clubs a couple weeks ago. For those of you that care, here are some specs on them:

-High kick stainless steel shafts, designed to produce higher trajectory shots with added distance.
-1 1/4 inch longer shafts than standard, to allow me to stand taller and get better rotation in my spine.
-Integra forged iron heads. Softer feel, fairly forgiving.
Golf Pride DD2 grips, oversized for my man-hands.
-Irons 5-9, 48 deg. wedge (PW), 52 deg. wedge, 56 deg. wedge, and a 4 hybrid.

I have played with them twice now, and I think tonight I finally started to get a feel for them. The first time, I dug out 75% of my shots because I wasn’t used to the longer clubs. I did lots better tonight, which made me happy inside.

The best part about these clubs though was the fact that I MADE THEM. I mean, I mined the metal out of the mountain and forged them in my kiln….just kidding, but I did put them together and had a blast. In fact, I got so excited about it that I went out and bought my own sander and burr saw so I can make them anytime, anywhere. Who wants a set? I’ll give you a great deal! Seriously!

Pictures coming soon.


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