A Sleepover Before the Rocky Top


Pace and Joy were so kind as to invite me to spend the night at their house tonight…I was starting to get frightened here all by myself…just kidding. I have an early flight in the morning, and Pace will be coming with me to the airport. He is so kind, generous, tenderhearted and giving to do this for me. On the morrow I fly to TN to be with my wife, son, and the Whitakers! Looking forward to having a great time there! So, if you need me, I’ll be in Tennessee!



No, this not another Macauly Kulkin movie…Nada has left me for Tennessee! We took her to the airport on Tuesday morning and she arrived safely there that afternoon. I will join her next week, but for now have to work this week! Hopefully nobody is scheming to rob me, otherwise I might have to think of clever ways to lay boobytraps all around the apartment complex. No worries though, the place is still standing, and I am not cranking up holiday music and running around, or jumping on the bed. I did leave a pair of pants on the floor though…

Twilight gets Two Thumbs Up!

This book was fabulous! It was recommended to me by several people, so I finally bought, read it, and I loved it. I thought it would be a good book to read during our travels, but I finished it quickly because I just wanted to know what happens. I had to tell myself I couldn’t read it one day because I had read for a few hours the day before and I am supposed to be spending time with family.
It is a love story with vampires… Stephenie Meyer’s goal was to write fantasy with a completely human scenario and believable characters. She did just that. Everyone seemed so real yet they couldn’t be! …could they?!

Oh Canada

We made it to Canada this week, and so far we have had a blast. We were able to leave on Tuesday night from Provo to go to Uncle Torrey’s “Cook Out” (just for you Dad W.) It was a great time, and I was able to get to know Nada’s family a little better. We slept at Aunt Marilana’s house and got up early bells (5:45 AM) and were on the road towards home by 6:00. After stopping to pee several times along the way, we finally arrived here in Cardston at 2:00, and then went to Waterton with Dustin and Jessica to surprise everyone for Alley’s birthday! I played golf yesterday and didn’t apply sunscreen, so now I am paying for it. Nada can no longer officially say that it doesn’t get hot in Canada…its been about 95 degrees here every day! We are having a great time, and our baby boy is enjoying his first visit to G&G Payne’s house! Continue reading


guess what?

We went to the doctor today! The baby is healthy and active.

The ultrasound is the coolest thing ever!  I was so excited to see the baby moving around.

You could see everything, the brain, the heart (pumping 142 bpm), even the the little kidneys!

So I thought I’d let you know….


its a boy

Can you tell?


Isn’t he cute? Does he have Darin’s nose or mine?


He is a wiggly guy, waving and kicking!

We are so excited!