A Summary of our Trip!

Hello Sexy

Marissa chopped her hair off to donate it to Locks of Love. It was all the way down to her butt!

We shredded 16 bags of my dad’s paperwork, and tried to “clean” his office for him! (I don’t know how much he really appreciated it, but it was for his own good!)

Amazing Cake

Steph and Kristen threw a fabulously fun baby shower! Isn’t the cake adorable?! I really enjoyed the time with friends.
Nashville Shores

We spent a day at Nashville Shores (a waterpark on the lake). I loved the water slides the best!

So cute!

We got to play with Aden quite a bit. Well… more like watch him play. He is so cute!

We also played quite a bit of Wii. I have great videos of my mom and dad playing, but I don’t know how to upload those yet! I’ll work on it!

We got to go to Dollywood with everyone, including Aaron and Dustin who took the day off 🙂 and Dawn (Aaron’s girlfriend)!

Unfornately Christina has all the good pictures I think… I’ll have to get them from her!

Dragon Tail

Nathan took us on the Dragon’s Tail… a curvy road through the Smokies… 318 curves in 11 miles… We only went on about 20 curves, but that was enough for me, I got a little sea sick!

p.s. Darin and I finished the the last Harry Potter (wonderful) and saw the 5th movie (great too). If you wanna talk about it, I’m available!


2 thoughts on “A Summary of our Trip!

  1. Cute hair Marissa!

    Looks like you had a fun visit with the fam in TN! Aiden is a darling boy!! I can’t believe you didn’t post more pics of him! 😉

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