Baby Update!

It’s a boy

This is what Nada is looking like these days! She is 24 weeks along, and is getting larger every day!

Nada 24 Weeks
The baby sure likes to move around in there…especially in the morning when he is hungry!

He nearly kicked Harry Potter off of her lap on the plane!

Baby Corner

Here is the Pack and Play that Mom W. got for us. If you can’t tell, it’s a rainforest. So, here is the start of the baby corner! Woo hoo!

We are both really excited for him to come. I can’t keep my hands off Nada’s belly…for multiple reasons. I love feeling that baby kick!


21 thoughts on “Baby Update!

  1. Brad, as usual, the pictures are all broken only on YOUR computer. 😉 Nada I love looking at all the new baby stuff you have! Remember, I am not done looking through it all yet!

  2. I can’t see any pics either…belly or trip updates! (and Dare, I am in explorer…just cuz I know you were asking in your mind). Sounds like fun and cuteness though!

  3. Yay, I can see them in Firefox…I thought firefox was/is the reason that I have to scroll forever down to read your posts? (I still have to do that btw..even after redoing my linkys…anymore suggestions to try?)

    Cute belly Nada! Are you growing out of some of our shopping? Hee hee!

  4. Well, maybe we can ask pace to help us fix it so that everyone can be happy paynefultruth viewers… Pace will you help us fix this explorer problem so that everyone can be happy payneful truth viewers?

  5. Fixed your images in IE, only tested in 7 though… click on the thumbnails to get a full size picture, I don’t know why the aiden one isn’t a thumbnail, I can help you more later after work. Darin knows the way to properly upload a photo. Love ya’ll

  6. Pace, you are fabulous. This IE user is most happy! Pictures worked and I didn’t have to download/upgrade anything! Woo woo!

  7. What the happy heck! I opened your blog this morning to see what you two are up to…when lo and behold! The center part of your blog was where it was supposed to be! Miracle!

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