The Latest and Greatest on the Baby…

30 WeeksBaby RockerGrace of God

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So I am in my 30th week! (there are 40 weeks to pregnancy…in case you were wondering) I am definitely getting bigger, but my doctor said that I am right on track! Practically a perfect growth increase! It’s funny how people tell me I have a cute little pregnant belly, but I definitely think its big! He kicks, punches, rolls over, etc. quite often. He loves music, especially when his daddy plays the guitar and sings! We were looking at getting a rocker/glider for the late night with the baby, but then we found this fabulous deal on a Lazyboy recliner that we couldn’t turn down! Why not be ultra comfortable and kick up your feet if you are up with the baby?! Also we can get great use out of it now! And it matches our color scheme in the living room! I am starting to get antsy about preparing the room more for him, but I guess we still have plenty of time. I got this beautiful print to go in his room, signed by the artist! (check out for other beautiful works!) Everyday I realize how much more we probably need to get,… or I’ll want to have in case I need it! We are on the countdown end of everything. I mean just ten fingers to go!


1st Day of the Last Semester at BYU!

Darin 1st Day

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So Darin started back to school this week… He shaved his goatee and headed off for another series of chemistry, another series of physics, and trigonometry. Although it won’t be his favorite semester, we think he will survive. The goal is to do really well for the first half of the semester, so when the baby is born it won’t hurt him too much! Luckily he is taking Chemistry and Physics with Jack so at least he has someone to study with! This is his final semester at BYU, fairing evertyhing goes well… and that’s exciting times!

Our First Craig’s List Purchase

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So we ventured to buy something off Craig’s list and it was a fabulous experience. There was no picture on the post, so we were a little worried… But the travel system is in great condition and just a year old. The Graco Quattro Tour has received great ratings and we are really pleased. I think Baby Payne was excited about the purchase too, because he was kicking a lot as we drove away!