The Latest and Greatest on the Baby…

30 WeeksBaby RockerGrace of God

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So I am in my 30th week! (there are 40 weeks to pregnancy…in case you were wondering) I am definitely getting bigger, but my doctor said that I am right on track! Practically a perfect growth increase! It’s funny how people tell me I have a cute little pregnant belly, but I definitely think its big! He kicks, punches, rolls over, etc. quite often. He loves music, especially when his daddy plays the guitar and sings! We were looking at getting a rocker/glider for the late night with the baby, but then we found this fabulous deal on a Lazyboy recliner that we couldn’t turn down! Why not be ultra comfortable and kick up your feet if you are up with the baby?! Also we can get great use out of it now! And it matches our color scheme in the living room! I am starting to get antsy about preparing the room more for him, but I guess we still have plenty of time. I got this beautiful print to go in his room, signed by the artist! (check out for other beautiful works!) Everyday I realize how much more we probably need to get,… or I’ll want to have in case I need it! We are on the countdown end of everything. I mean just ten fingers to go!


6 thoughts on “The Latest and Greatest on the Baby…

  1. You will LOVE the lazyboy. If I could do it all over again, thats what we would buy over the rocker. Then, when you are up late holding a baby, you’ll be so much more comfortable! Hooray for the countdown!

  2. Technically full term is 38 weeks so really you could only have 8 weeks!!! (insert eye popping icon here). That’s how I count down but then I’m probably a terrible influence! Love the chair but you’ll love it more when you are bleary eyed at zero o’clock! Great purchases all around…love the Graco score as well! Way to go!

  3. Yes we got a recliner on Black Friday and it’s much more comfy to rock the baby in than a regular rocking chair. And then you can recline and take a nap! good choice!

  4. Hey! I found your website through old friends in the ward. CONGRATULATIONS on your soon-to-be little guy!!!! That is sooo exciting!!! Are you going to still teach after he is born? Congrats again and good luck!!!

  5. Hey Aimee! It’s so fun to hear from you! I will go back and finish teaching in January and Darin will be a full-time daddy! It works out perfectly with him finishing classes this semester!

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