Welcome Fall Weather!


Here is the latest addition to the nursery! Darin had a fabulous idea for curtains… so I figured out how to put it into fruition. After shopping at several stores, I found the perfect valance curtains. 4 hours later, stamps replicating the leaf patterns on the rainforest gear were created and stamped on the curtains! I love them. I am really hooked on this cute rainforest stuff!


Darin has been playing intramural football. He has thrown key passes, started plays, and looked really awesome on the field! Although they haven’t won a game, they’ve made some crazy plays and scored many touchdowns (which is better than the team did last year I hear). Tournament starts soon and we are hoping for a win!


I went to HeeHaw’s with my class this week. Here is Leroy, the 1,300 pound pig. Definitely scary looking! They had a bunny village, goats walking on bridges, pigs, horses, corn mazes, slides, a pumpkin patch and a hayride. It was a lot of fun, even with crazy hyper kids! I am really enjoying the fall, because it hasn’t been too cold! Knock on wood, I hope we get to enjoy the fall weather a little longer!

p.s. I’m in my 37th week!


We’re back!!!

So we didn’t really go anywhere, but we haven’t blogged in a month. Here’s an update… Darin is super busy with school. Everyday is nonstop for him, starting with work each morning, classes and labs every afternoon, and homework and studying for tests every night. Plus, he finally had the first PT/OT club meeting and he is playing intramural football (action shots coming soon). Relief Society has kept me busy along with my third graders. I feel like things are going well, but that I am always behind. I had Parent-Teacher Conferences this week and well, that took over all my free time. I have been getting bigger though, and the baby is always moving! I’ve also spent some time working on the baby’s corner. So here’s a few pics!

week32 week 34 week34

We also found another fabulous deal on Craig’s list for the matching rainforest bouncer and swing. Now all I need is the high chair and I will have the whole set (but no rush on that right now). While they don’t have a rainforest bathtub, but Fisher Price does have a cute bathtub that I want, so I guess I’m in love with Fisher Price!

rainforestbouncer rainforest swing

We’ve had Mom & Dad Payne visiting throughout the past month as they’ve traveled to Florida, the Caribbean, Arizona, and Mesquite and stopped with us in between adventures. We have also been enjoying the Legend of Zelda on the Wii (Darin plays and I help him solve the puzzles). Oh, and I set a goal to index 300 names this month so ask me how its going when you see me! More to come I promise!