One Week Old! (yesterday)

    One Week Old
    Luke turned one week old yesterday! We dressed him in overalls and shirt to celebrate (not pajamas). Thanks for those Kristen! He actually stayed awake for periods of time throughout the day!
    Like Father
    Although, he does like to sleep a lot, except around 4 in the morning!
    With Grandma & Grandpa Payne
    He had such a fun time with Grandma and Grandpa Payne! We really appreciate ALL you help and support. So wonderful to have help!
    The boys
    Here is most of the Keck boy cousins. Kyle was hamming it up for the camera, Chase was more interested in Kyle and Luke was… well… sleepy!

Luke Coming Home!

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All is well! Luke ate great throughout the night and into the morning. Everything looked fabulous when the doctor came to visit, so we were able to check out together! He made himself at home by spitting up on Darin within the first hour! A messy diaper led to a lot of tears that the neighbors heard! Hopefully, the first night will go well! Thanks for all your love and support!

Luke Darin Payne


Yes, the little man has come! At about 12:30 on Tuesday night, Nada’s water broke and we went to the hospital. He was born today (Wednesday) around 3:00 pm. He was being a little stubborn and finally the doctor had to use forceps to get him out of there! As he came out they found his cord was wrapped around his neck twice, so they quickly snipped it and got him out of there! He was having some trouble breathing, so they hurried and rushed him off to the ICU to hook him up to a machine to help him breathe easier. After about 40 mins, they took him off and he was breathing very well on his own. The results from the blood work came back and they found that he had a high white blood cell count, possibly due to some infection, so they will be keeping close tabs on him for 72 hours…just to make sure he is okay! He weighs 6lbs 12oz and is 19.5 inches long!

Here is a cool picture of him with his tubes. He was a stud and handled them like a man! No fussing from him.

So here we are the three of us, visiting together after a long day!

It has been really nice having Mom and Dad Payne here to help and support us! They sure love this grandbaby!

More pictures/updates to come later…I am exhausted and need sleep!


Well the time has come to grow up and move on with life. My first PT school application was due on (post marked by) the 10th of November, so here we are of course on the 9th of November finally putting it into an envelope to be mailed off to the University of Utah the next day. One down and several to go. It was a little stressful and worrisome putting it all into the envelope, checking and re-checking that everything was indeed there. Once it was in and mailed off the next morning, a huge load was off the chest. The rest of the applications should be a piece of cake now!
Here I am just after insertion…notice the changed facial expression/body language?

Halloween and Baby Showers!

    This week was exciting!

school shower

The teachers at school threw me a surprise shower at school on Monday.

magic 8 magic8back pumpkin

For Halloween, I dressed as a magic 8 ball. All the parents loved it… some of my students didn’t know what I was! Darin wanted to dress up, but his costume consisted of the handlebar mustache and goofy faces! We carved our pumpkin with the Madsen’s, watched Corpse Bride and gave candy to 5 or so trick or treaters!

This weekend Mom and Dad Payne came into town and Jeff! He treated us to dinner at Tucano’s… woohoo! thanks Jeff! Darin and I had CPR & First Aid training on Saturday… it was great, but a little long! Than I had a friend baby shower! It was hilarious to see everyone having a little sympathy for the pregnant lady and do some exercises with a balloon baby!

shower1 shower2 shower3

Doesn’t Kelli look fabulous and huge!?! We got some great stuff… our baby is going to be dressed so cute… at least for now!

Trying to Induce Labor

cornbellysign jumping steer roping
After Darin studied hard all week and took the GRE again we decided to do something fun and get out and enjoy the fall weather. We went to Cornbelly’s this weekend (Oct.28th) with Tiffany, Brad, and Kyle. They had a corn maze shaped like the Pirates of the “Cornibean,” a bumpy hayride, pig races, slides, duck races, tetherball, steer roping, and other fun stuff. There was this big inflated “pillow” to jump on too. Of course, I wanted to jump too… and of course, I wanted Darin to bounce me… which led to me locking up my SI joint in my back… which I thought might be some form of labor pain, but it wasn’t!