Halloween and Baby Showers!

    This week was exciting!

school shower

The teachers at school threw me a surprise shower at school on Monday.

magic 8 magic8back pumpkin

For Halloween, I dressed as a magic 8 ball. All the parents loved it… some of my students didn’t know what I was! Darin wanted to dress up, but his costume consisted of the handlebar mustache and goofy faces! We carved our pumpkin with the Madsen’s, watched Corpse Bride and gave candy to 5 or so trick or treaters!

This weekend Mom and Dad Payne came into town and Jeff! He treated us to dinner at Tucano’s… woohoo! thanks Jeff! Darin and I had CPR & First Aid training on Saturday… it was great, but a little long! Than I had a friend baby shower! It was hilarious to see everyone having a little sympathy for the pregnant lady and do some exercises with a balloon baby!

shower1 shower2 shower3

Doesn’t Kelli look fabulous and huge!?! We got some great stuff… our baby is going to be dressed so cute… at least for now!


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