Luke Darin Payne


Yes, the little man has come! At about 12:30 on Tuesday night, Nada’s water broke and we went to the hospital. He was born today (Wednesday) around 3:00 pm. He was being a little stubborn and finally the doctor had to use forceps to get him out of there! As he came out they found his cord was wrapped around his neck twice, so they quickly snipped it and got him out of there! He was having some trouble breathing, so they hurried and rushed him off to the ICU to hook him up to a machine to help him breathe easier. After about 40 mins, they took him off and he was breathing very well on his own. The results from the blood work came back and they found that he had a high white blood cell count, possibly due to some infection, so they will be keeping close tabs on him for 72 hours…just to make sure he is okay! He weighs 6lbs 12oz and is 19.5 inches long!

Here is a cool picture of him with his tubes. He was a stud and handled them like a man! No fussing from him.

So here we are the three of us, visiting together after a long day!

It has been really nice having Mom and Dad Payne here to help and support us! They sure love this grandbaby!

More pictures/updates to come later…I am exhausted and need sleep!


17 thoughts on “Luke Darin Payne

  1. Welcome Luke you handsome little guy! I’m so glad you arrived safely and that all is well now! I can’t wait to snuggle you! Loves to you and your parents!

  2. Congratulations! We are so thrilled that Luke has finally made his debut. He is adorable! So glad you all are doing well- we wish you continued blessings as you love and care for your new son!

    P.S. Thanks for the birthday gift- I love it!

  3. Nada and Darin,
    He is so beautiful! That hair is amazing. We are so happy for you and we are anxious to meet little Luke. We all think he looks like his dad. Love you

  4. Okay I can’t usually tell which parent newborn babies look like, but in this case I can. He looks like Darin! I like that head of hair, too. He is really cute! I hope everything is going smoothly. I feel sad that we can’t see him ’til next week, but don’t worry, we’ll be over!

  5. He is beautiful!! We are so glad that he is here safe. I can’t believe all the hair! Amazing. Congratulations, Ma & Pa… you did good. Can’t wait to see him in person and love on him. Love you all lots…

  6. He is so adorable!!! I love how much hair he has. Hope the delivery went well. I’m so excited for you both. Please let me know if you need anything!

  7. Congratulations on your new baby! He is adorable!I agree, he is such a little Darin! I love all of his hair! He will be home before you know it. Do you get to stay at the hospital until he comes home Nada? We wish you the best from Tennessee! Congratulations once again!

  8. That little guy had a full head of hair! Did you ever notice you’re always about 1.5 to 2 months ahead of me…..marriage, kids- what’s next! Congratulations!

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