One Week Old! (yesterday)

    One Week Old
    Luke turned one week old yesterday! We dressed him in overalls and shirt to celebrate (not pajamas). Thanks for those Kristen! He actually stayed awake for periods of time throughout the day!
    Like Father
    Although, he does like to sleep a lot, except around 4 in the morning!
    With Grandma & Grandpa Payne
    He had such a fun time with Grandma and Grandpa Payne! We really appreciate ALL you help and support. So wonderful to have help!
    The boys
    Here is most of the Keck boy cousins. Kyle was hamming it up for the camera, Chase was more interested in Kyle and Luke was… well… sleepy!

3 thoughts on “One Week Old! (yesterday)

  1. So glad to see more pictures. You guys already seem to be pros! The pictures are providing me additional fulfillment while I’m waiting on my turn these days.

  2. Yay! I keep checking for more pictures!

    He’s so handsome and those overalls are so cute! Nada, you are a babe! Who woulda thunk you just had a baby? Darin, you have a little “Mini Me” in that sleeping pic!

    “Do not gnaw on the kitty…”

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