More Luke!

bath1 bath 2 all clean!

Luke used his bathtub for the first time. He seemed to enjoy it. We have unedited video footage, but we probably won’t post it.

loving dad santa mad santa!

He also went to th ward Christmas breakfast, a hoppin’ Christmas party at the Palmer’s and church. He really loves his Daddy. But don’t take his binkie away for a picture or you get one mad little Santa. And here’s another picasa slideshow.. some random clips for ya!


Wow, life gets busy with a baby!

3 weeks 3 weeks 2
Here is Luke all nice and clean after a bath… which he pooped right out of his diaper an hour later and had to get cleaned up all over again!
sad puppy
Sometimes he gets really sad… Darin loves the face, but it makes me melt. Look at that pout!
So we have been working on the eating/sleeping/doing anything else?! routine right now. It’s still up to him mostly! Last week he weighed 8 lbs at his two week check up. We went in today for another PKU test and he weighs 8 lbs. 15 oz…. almost another pound! Growing quite well I think. Definitely a good eater!
This is the face I love, but it is usually made in connection to something happening in his diaper! But I think it is cute!
peace and joy
We thought of using this for our Christmas card, …sending you “peace” and joy this holiday season… but it didn’t make the cut!
Happy Holidays to all!