Darin look alike? Really?

So I take my cute sleeping baby to church and a sister says “Oh how cute, he looks like you…he’s got your cheeks!” However, over a dozen of you have adamantly agreed that he looks like Darin… perhaps that was before he got chubby cheeks like his mommy! I had to laugh!


6 thoughts on “Darin look alike? Really?

  1. Nada – HE IS A DOLL!!! So cute!! Are you just loving being a mom!! Ha ha – it is the best! Miss you!! Oh by the way – GUESS WHAT – we are expecting NUMBER TWO!!! CRAZY HUH!!!

  2. Okay in that one he totally looks like you. He must be a good combination of both you! πŸ™‚ You’ve got company at least, everyone says my kids (Esp Mitch and Al) look like me…until they see them with their Dad πŸ˜‰

  3. Hi to the Paynes. You are truly a family now, with all of the great experiences of parenthood. It looks like you are doing everything right with Luke. He looks good and is gaining weight.
    He looks like luke!
    Hope all goes well with you and May God bless you in your righteous efforts to serve your family and fellowman. Grandpa

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