Two Months Old!

Yay! Luke2month
I can’t believe Luke is two months already! He went in for his checkup yesterday… he is now 24 inches long and 12 lbs. 10 oz. (we were close, we guess-timated about 13!) Dr. Later put him on his tummy and Luke was showing off, holding his head up really high and looking at him. The doctor was very impressed! Luke was a very good patient, just cooing and drooling while he was checked out. He got several vaccinations though, so he isn’t feeling great, but recovering! We are amazed at how fast he grows. I posted a ton of pictures in a new album, so check them out! He is much more responsive these days. He follows us and looks at things so intently. And he smiles a lot! Particularly when Mommy gets home from work or when Daddy first picks him up! We’ve noticed a great increase, especially over the long weekend. I truly miss him all day long at school. I love talking about him. Luke even smiles when I call home at lunch and Darin holds the phone up to his ear for me to talk to him. Funny thing though, every time I try to read him some of his books, he starts to cry… bad timing I guess, because I know he enjoyed story time in the womb! His hair is all still there and as wild as ever. We’ve tried the mohawk a few times, but it all goes crazy after a while!!


4 thoughts on “Two Months Old!

  1. I am seeing more and more of you in him Nada! Yipee for you! He is darling and Alley can’t wait to babysit…she is ohhing and ahhhing. Don’t feel bad Darin, there are still some shots that are totally you too…I think he is a great blend of you both!

  2. Nada & Darin – Thanks so much for posting the new photos of Luke we really appreciate getting to see him grow up long distance. He sure looks healthy and happy. Mom Whitaker

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