Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Luke fell in love with Valentino, his valentines bear! A student gave him to me actually, and I wanted to see what Luke thought of him… he was a hit. Check out this video of Luke talking and playing with his new bear!

I have a wonderful husband who also happens to be wonderful at many other things… namely… being a fantastic father all day long, a thoughtful spouse helping me with everything from dinner to trash to scraping my windshield, an amazing athlete helping the ward basketball team secure a win, a smart student with a PT school interview next week, an engaging entertainer making me and our friends laugh… I’m glad he’s my best friend!


We were having a discussion on politics the other day and Luke said,
I’m proud to be an American
I’m republican through and through
And I don’t really like John McCain
But if Obama or Hillary win
I’m heading north to Canada
For 4 years, so I stay sane!
Perhaps this fall, I’ll vote for one of you!

(to the tune of Proud to Be an American… sort of… okay not quite perfect…)

Well, maybe Luke didn’t actually say that, but his republican elephant and Canadian hat made for a cute picture and he really doesn’t like Hillary or Obama! Maybe a little influence from his parents!!