Welcome Thomas S., MacBook, and a few more pounds!

Well, it’s Darin’s turn to blog, but since he claims not to know how, I must update all on our lives!
First, we got an adorable fan-tailed goldfish. We named him Thomas S. hoping he will follow in the footsteps of our last goldfish Gordon B. Gordon lived for 2 and 1/2 years, so we hope Thomas S. will be blessed with a long life!
Second, we got a new laptop. It’s supposed to be for Darin graduating and going to PT school, but our other laptop died, well half of it, so we made the big buy. It was reasoned that Darin should know how to use the computer before he goes to school, and it would cost the same now or in another month and half when he walked for graduation!
Third, Luke has put on a few more pounds and is now up to 16 pounds! He loves to laugh and giggle at silly songs, and funny faces. Check out these new videos and pictures! He is quite a bit more animated and fussy than the sweet Jaxon, our friend’s little one. But we all enjoy getting together with the craziness of being new parents.
In closing, Darin got put on the alternate list at UNLV and interviewed with TSU. We are excitedly awaiting good news that we hope will arrive sooner than later! And we also survived 2 long days of Parent-Teacher Conferences last week, and we are headed to Tennessee for a visit next week!
Love you all!


4 thoughts on “Welcome Thomas S., MacBook, and a few more pounds!

  1. Luke is getting so big! He’s looking much older now… no more newborn-look. I love his laugh! And that tongue sticking out reminds me of my Joshua. Congrats on the new fish and laptop!

  2. Darin doesn’t know how to use a computer? He doesn’t know how to drive a new car either…. or hit a new set of golf clubs…. i wonder if this logic would work on Delise. I am going to have to give that a try.

  3. Don’t hold your breath buddy! (in response to Jeff I mean) Have fun in TN you three! Can’t wait to see you next month at GRADUATION! Woo woot! Mostly can’t wait to snuggle little Luke! xo

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