Luke and Alex

Well, Luke and Alex finally got to meet each other this last weekend while we were in Tennessee. Do you think they look like they might be related? I think so. Alex is a cute kid, and pretty much the same size as Luke at 3 months! It was fun to be out there and see everyone. My campus visit to Tennessee State University was a good one. Hopefully we can hear some good news from them here in the future. We got to see Nathan and Karie’s new house that is being built, and also Aaron’s new house in Murfreesboro. Both of them look nice and make us hopeful that one day we too can be homeowners. luke-and-alex.jpg


1 thought on “Luke and Alex

  1. Handsome boys and I think they totally look related! So no news yet? Still crossing my fingers for LV but anywhere is best at this point right?

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