Welcome to Tennessee!

tn flag

We are here! All three of us! Darin will begin school on Monday, but we haven’t quite squared away the residency problem yet… still working on it. The heat and humidity isn’t drowning us yet, but it’s only the beginning of the summer! Luckily, my sister started working at the Family Fun Center so we enjoyed free go carts and mini golf tonight! Just trying to figure out things and hopefully get settled in to our new home, which will be changing over the next little while. We do miss Utah and our family and friends there!


6 thoughts on “Welcome to Tennessee!

  1. Yay to be together again! I need your parents address so I can mail your card to you (Darin hasn’t returned my call, he must have other important things on his mind…)! Loves to sweet little Luke (Ok…his Mom and Dad too!), and please kiss his cheeks for me!

  2. We miss you guys more!!! And sorry we were lame for your birthday and didn’t get a card out to you.:o( But you were thought about and missed for sure! Loves!

  3. It’s like we’re trading places. You guys move to Nashville and I’m about to move to Utah. Maybe I’ll get to see you before I move away. What ward are you guys in?

  4. Darin,

    Congrats on graduating and graduating! You know BYU and being a new dad! That’s kinda big deal! I know I’m late, but youv’e been hiding. Anyhow, here’s our blog and we know we might not be seeing you in July because of school, but know that you’ll be missed. . .VERY MUCH! You’re the only one who’s worth a darn, everybody else just rides your coat tails. Ok so I tell everyone that. Love ya bro! See ya when wee see ya!

    Chris and Sherri and Meegan and Trenton aka T-Dog!

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