The Many Faces of Luke!

see my tonguesurprise

Yay! This is the first night that I can blog after putting Luke to bed, because I have the internet! I thought I would update on Luke. He has a few faces that we see often. Right now he loves to stick his tongue out when he is happy and not thinking too hard. When he starts concentrating on something, then he opens his mouth nice and wide. He doesn’t smile for strangers right now, but he does for family! He loves being tickled and he always gets the hiccups when he laughs. He still hates being on his tummy, but he enjoys pulling himself up to things (usually with a little help), and standing up and marching (walking with help). He really likes Aunt Marissa. Christina thinks its because she looks like me, but I think its because she plays with him the most! Thanks to Grandpa and Uncle Dustin we know he has a reaction to bacon and Hawaiian bread… I’m sure I will learn of more possible food allergies with more sneaky sampling!

We are moved into my parent’s house… amazingly enough, we’ve found enough to room to survive, and possibly thrive… we’ll keep you posted! Meshing two families will be interesting, hopefully for the better. At least we are helping “clean” house and get rid of some stuff. Congratulate Darin sometime on getting his learner’s permit! (He hasn’t been able to take the driving test for his license yet, but at least he can drive with an adult in the passenger seat… heehee!)


Straight A’s !

Well, since I know many of you are curious as to how I am doing in PT school, I am proud to announce that I have straight A’s at the midway point of the semester! I have been studying hard and praying a ton, so maybe that has something to do with it! The courseload is challenging, but it helps when everyone in the class is pulling for each other, rather than competing for ranks and positions.

Since I am on the topic, grad school is a little different from undergrad for various reasons. First of all, I actually feel like I am learning the material, rather than “cramming” it in my head before the exam. Secondly, you see the same people every day! There are 32 of us in the class, and I can already see a cohesiveness developing between us all! We will be together for three years, so by the end we become pretty close to one another. There are a couple more, but I won’t bore you with the details.

I am the only person in the class that has any kids! It is fun because all the girls see Luke’s pictures on my monitor and say that if we ever need a baby sitter they would be more than willing to help! Everybody thinks he is adorable and asks when they will get to finally meet my wife and baby. There are a few more who are married, so that is fun too. I am also the only LDS person in the class, but everybody seems to be pretty religious out here. In fact, last week before the other 2 groups went on their internships, we had a big group prayer together, where we all gathered in the breakroom, held hands and 2 people said prayers for the group! It was actually pretty neat to see and be a part of.

So, in short, school is great. I am glad we got in here at TSU and I know that we are supposed to be here. I fit the program well, and it fits me.

Welcome to the south!

bathtime 6months

Well, since we are bouncing around a bit here in Nashville, Luke doesn’t quite have a routine typical of a six month old! Here he is bathing in Grandma’s kitchen sink! He is trying to figure everything out, but the scene keeps changing. Thanks to Marissa this week for actually keeping him on a normal nap schedule. After reading Karie’s blog, I think I need to wean Luke off the night feedings that have become so frequent! So how do you go about that weaning Joy? Oh, bytheway, Darin got a 101 on his first quiz… HOORAY!!