Welcome to the south!

bathtime 6months

Well, since we are bouncing around a bit here in Nashville, Luke doesn’t quite have a routine typical of a six month old! Here he is bathing in Grandma’s kitchen sink! He is trying to figure everything out, but the scene keeps changing. Thanks to Marissa this week for actually keeping him on a normal nap schedule. After reading Karie’s blog, I think I need to wean Luke off the night feedings that have become so frequent! So how do you go about that weaning Joy? Oh, bytheway, Darin got a 101 on his first quiz… HOORAY!!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the south!

  1. We miss you guys! Good job Darin and Nada sorry about the whole feedings during the night with Luke…I can’t give any advice there! =) A couple is moving into your old apartment…it’s so weird looking over there ha ha!

  2. Hi Guys!
    We just wanted to see how you were doing in Tennessee! Good job on the quiz Darin. Isn’t it nice to be studying what you want to do for the rest of your life?! Well, enjoy life and beautiful green Tennessee. And the humidity…are there mosquitoes there? Anyway, we miss you three!

  3. Amelia! There are mosquitoes here, unfortunately, but they are not too bad! It is great to actually be studying what i will be doing! It makes it easier to hit the books!

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