The Many Faces of Luke!

see my tonguesurprise

Yay! This is the first night that I can blog after putting Luke to bed, because I have the internet! I thought I would update on Luke. He has a few faces that we see often. Right now he loves to stick his tongue out when he is happy and not thinking too hard. When he starts concentrating on something, then he opens his mouth nice and wide. He doesn’t smile for strangers right now, but he does for family! He loves being tickled and he always gets the hiccups when he laughs. He still hates being on his tummy, but he enjoys pulling himself up to things (usually with a little help), and standing up and marching (walking with help). He really likes Aunt Marissa. Christina thinks its because she looks like me, but I think its because she plays with him the most! Thanks to Grandpa and Uncle Dustin we know he has a reaction to bacon and Hawaiian bread… I’m sure I will learn of more possible food allergies with more sneaky sampling!

We are moved into my parent’s house… amazingly enough, we’ve found enough to room to survive, and possibly thrive… we’ll keep you posted! Meshing two families will be interesting, hopefully for the better. At least we are helping “clean” house and get rid of some stuff. Congratulate Darin sometime on getting his learner’s permit! (He hasn’t been able to take the driving test for his license yet, but at least he can drive with an adult in the passenger seat… heehee!)


7 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Luke!

  1. HI!! It sounds like you are doing well. I am cracking up about Darin’s learners permit thing. Keep the photos coming!!!
    love ya!

  2. Yeah, Luke is as cute as ever. We miss you guys so much. We’re heading out to OH on the 22nd…well, Jack is. I’m going to be home in Calgary for a little while. But we still wanting to meet up in August?? :o)

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