9 Month Photo Shoot

Of course we took the pictures ourselves, maybe I’ll splurge for a real photography session for his birthday. He loves chasing a ball or anything really around the room, as he swats it and scoots to get it. He looks adorable in jeans, even though its too hot to wear them.
He still sticks that tongue out… all the time!


The L-Train!

Luke is chugging along slowly but surely…he is learning how to scoot across the floor, mostly to get his little paws on what he most desires…puffs and his binky. He loves to hold somebody’s hands and run all over the house…I swear he never gets tired of it. He would do it all day if our backs could handle all the bending over! He is talking up a storm…mostly jibberish, but he is getting a little bit closer to forming Mama and Dada…but usually it is Ba ba ba ba ba, or some high pitched shrilly scream. Whatever he can do to get his point across. He went to the lake for the first time this week and had a blast splashing in the water, throwing rocks, and watching the waves hit him! You can catch the latest videos of him by clicking HERE!