Ice Cream, Summer Rain, and Saturdays

(Written almost a month ago, but never published because I didn’t have pictures, oh well, here were my thoughts…)

Well, we are settling into a routine around here. For those of you who might not know, my family likes to eat ice cream, a lot. In fact, we tend to eat it most nights, in large quantities. Darin never realized how much ice cream that was until we moved in. The first month was great, ice cream all the time. Now though, Darin has decided it’s not good for the waist line, even though my taste buds beg to differ. He’s got me somewhat motivated to do a better job of watching my portions, and the crap I munch on between meals. And yeah, I’ve cut back on my ice cream intake. a little…
Today it drizzled all day. Like the clouds were being gently wrung out over and over and over. It was beautiful, refreshing, relaxing. The land really needed it. I did too. I love summer rain here, LOVE IT.
Watching TV/movies, and talking politics (or any topic with varying opinions) have always been successful ways to spend time with my Dad, but I discovered another… Saturdays…My Dad likes projects, and Saturday projects allow for quality time (well mostly). We spent several Saturdays remodeling the bathrooms, and he loves it. Absolutely loves it. Such a hard worker. Just figures everything out, and after my mom and I made a dozen trips to Home Depot or Lowe’s… they look pretty fabulous. Of course, we’re not quite done, but that’s the fun of a project with my Dad, it takes WAY longer than you think to make it perfect!


1 thought on “Ice Cream, Summer Rain, and Saturdays

  1. The unlimited ice cream consumption sounds glorious! I would normally do the same with no hesitation, but I am packing on the “prego pounds” so the desserts must be limited… Sad!

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