Put a Smile on Your Face!

cool man luke
Luke decided to try on Aunt Marissa’s cute sunglasses. Adorable, right?!

So we had quite an eventful weekend, with lots of adorable pictures, and I just had to share. Luke usually smiles for the camera, but can be tickled into it if needed.
Friday started off the fun, with a trip to Walden Farm with the cousins. The boys would have dug in the grain for hours if we would have let them…simple pleasures!
digging grain
Aden was having so much fun. He posed for a few pics, but really enjoyed running around with Grandma through the corn maze, and finding pumpkins.
aden pumpkin
Luke also posed with the pumpkins.
luke pumpkin
Alex, however, just wanted to eat the pumpkins!
alex pumpkin
Luke and Alex wanted to touch all the animals, and the hay, and the pumpkins, and well, EVERYTHING!!! Here they are admiring the miniature horse.
looking at animals
and now they are exploring the mini barn and caldron?!
Aunt Marissa helped everyone have soo much fun, and with three wiggly boys, extra hands are always needed! She really knows how to put a smile on Alex’s face.
Aunt Mariss
Here is a picture that will melt your heart… doesn’t he make a cute pumpkin!?!
lil pumpkin
Just one more adorable shot of Luke in this cute little rocker!
rocking chair
And here’s the family at Walden Farm. Afterwards we picked pumpkins, Darin and I got a big one to carve, Aden got a medium sized one, just right for carrying around, and Luke and Alex got cute little itty-bitty pumpkins!
fam shot
Saturday, started off early with volunteering at the Buddy Walk, a fundraiser for Down Syndrome research. Darin’s class volunteered to help with the games, and gave out medals after the walk. Luke and I finally met some of Darin’s classmates. Many of which jokingly called him Mr. President and other such names. Darin led the warm up exercises before the race, and he was great.
hoodie hider
Later that afternoon, we hit up the Music and Molasses Festival for more fall festivities including, Luke being a farmer for a day, kettle corn, cinnamon roasted almonds, roasted corn on the cob, and a sheep herding demonstration (that was not worth the wait).

And we finished off the night by watching IronMan with Dawn and Aaron, on the big screen. To which Luke could only say, Wow, over and over and over. I’ll have to have Darin put up a video of Luke saying Wow, that will make you smile too!

The weekend before that, we took a road trip to Kansas City for a visit. It was a quick trip, but so worth it. Luke met his KC cousins and really loved playing with all their toys.
He especially loved their little dog Diablo (teacup chihuahua), who in turn loved him! (Luke also always tried to catch a glimpse of their elusive cat… guess he will be an animal lover!) We got to take in a few soccer games… Darin and Luke got a little sunburnt (I, however, didn’t appear to get ANY sun according to my mom, quote “Did you not go to the games or something?” errr, I never got a tan this summer, I am truly white!)

We are really enjoying the fall in Tennessee… Darin is quickly falling in love with the South, hahaha, my plan is working…



So Luke took his first steady steps today. He walked from Dad to Mom, a total of six steps with great balance! Of course, Darin ran to get the camera and Marissa to film our recreation, and Luke just thought it was funny. Like many other attempts at walking, Luke takes a few steps and dives towards you with great faith that he will be caught. After many shots of Luke laughing and diving, Marissa turned off the camera in disbelief that he really did it, and then he did it again!! Alas, the camera was off. At least she believed me.

Also at the dinner table, Luke was whining to Grandpa to get him out of his chair and Marissa said to Luke, “Say “Out” and Grandpa will get you out.” So Luke said Out! or so it sounded that way.