Luke’s 1st Birthday is Coming!

Well, I wanted to let you all know that Luke will be 1 in 9 days and I can’t believe how time has flown by. You are all invited of course to indulge in chocolate cake with us next Saturday (the day after his birthday, because then his cousins can stay longer to play!). However, I am aware that most of our readers live just a little to far away, so if you can’t make it, we understand. I must note though, that this invitation is NOT extended to Pace (only Joy and Chase), because I am mad at him for excluding my sons birthday from his calendar on his blog, so I am not speaking to him right now! (The silent treatment works well with Pace, I’m sure he has noticed by now!)
I can’t believe he is almost one. Almost a year ago I was having a baby, totally not knowing what to expect and I still don’t. Everyday he amazes me. And his smile melts my heart. Everyone is right when they say time goes by so fast. Yet each day he tries to wear me out! He understands so much and struggles to express himself. The word “Out” now means, out of my carseat, out of my chair, out of this room, open this door, let me in, put me down, walk me over there… I think he needs a few more words.
I have to also let you know that baby sign is helping some. After months of us using the more sign, he finally decided to do it …to ask Grandpa for more Dr Pepper! He waves all food away (and on to the floor) when he is all done eating, and he crawls into my arms and wave goodbye to everyone when he is ready for a nap (that’s his own sign) hahaha, that one I love! Well I better do something while he is sleeping, I’m sure you’ll hear more for me in the next few days!


Perfect Touch!

I thought I’d share a quick laugh. Darin had an intramural football game last week. He said afterschool, “Oh crap, I forgot to shave for my game tonight!” PAUSE, Wait, this isn’t BYU anymore!
Oh the memories, a few times he was shaving in the car with the electric razor! Not anymore, in fact, the guys in his class aren’t shaving at all this month in honor of National Beard Month, do you believe that?!
Bytheway, his team Perfect Touch (get it, his team is made of all PT classmates), won 28-0 despite the other team’s trash talk!