Santa Sightings?

Christmas is almost here! Thankfully Luke’s passport arrived and we were able to make our flight (it was close though). We now are all bundled warm in the way-to-cold Canada. Before we left we had Christmas with the Whitaker fam. Luke was awfully excited to rip the paper into itty bitty bits. The presents were fun too, but the paper was awesome!! We haven’t seen Santa flying in the sky yet, but he know he will be making his rounds soon! Let us know if you see him! We want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas, may you all be able to enjoy the holidays with loved ones! (or at least liked, bearable ones!)


Wow. What a Semester!

Well, as of 11:00 this morning, I was officially done with my second semester of PT school. I am proud to report that I have made straight A’s up to this point (still waiting on one more grade) and I am still having a blast and learning a ton! It was so nice to walk out of the building today and know that I don’t have to go back there for 5 weeks! A nice long break is just what I need. The question now becomes: What will I do with all my “free” time…well, I don’t know. It has been so long since I have had “nothing” to do that I am not sure just what to do with myself. I found myself wandering the house aimlessly this afternoon. Im thinking I might read a book, maybe watch some movies…do something school doesn’t permit me to do on a regular basis.

What a celebration!


Well Luke had a fabulous birthday. He was happy all weekend.
He woke up to balloons everywhere, and loved playing with them. We took him to get pictures taken and he was adorable. The afternoon was spent on his cake, while he happily played. Everyone joined in to make the different balls. We let him have his own little cake, which he only ate about bite and then flicked it all over the kitchen.
cake face
Saturday all the family came over to celebrate with lunch, more cake, chocolate truffles by Christina and Wes (which he liked a lot more), and presents.
What did you think of my first cake?!
party food
He didn’t rip them open like we hoped, but got really excited when he saw what was inside! Then all the adults played games while Luke and Alex napped. Darin, Luke and I went to watch the BYU vs U game at the McCune’s and Luke’s smile stayed permanently on his face as he played with Dallin and rolled around the room! We were sad the BYU got killed, a little rain on this happy day.


No Shave November
For those of you who missed the memo, November was No Shave month. Dustin started a little late, so you have to zoom in to see his beard. Darin, Aaron, and Nathan seemed have done well.


A couple days before Thanksgiving we a little get together in Cookeville. Grandma, Gretchen, Steve and Cotton came for a visit. We ate lasagna to avoid over doing the turkey thing. We had to get a few shots of everyone, and learned how to play Golf (the card game) and we taught them Scum. Of course the fun of it, is the oohing and ahhing, according to Steve… Agreed!
some whitakers
Some of the Whitaker clan, those not in class!
The Kecksters!
excited cotton
Cotton was having a blast!
baby backpack
Grandpa invented a new baby backpack, and Aden loved it!


We enjoyed ourselves so much that we didn’t take any pictures!


Luke is a very busy boy. Often exploring in everyday life. My little troublemaker loves emptying cupboards, pushing buttons and knocking things off, oh and he is really good at “reading” the mail.

Grandpa gave Luke a real all around haircut. He was quite wiggly, but… guess what Luke loves?! Suckers! And he sits still, still and sticky.

oreo attack
Oh, and OREOs!! (Christina was the culprit, you don’t give a 1 year old his own Oreo. Especially a 1 year old who doesn’t like stuff on his hands and tries to figure out how to wipe it off!…OREO EVERYWHERE)

And last but not least, and this picture doesn’t do it justice, Lights Out Luke took a punch, but you should see the other kid in nursery!
lights out luke
okay, so maybe the “other kid” was a box he tripped over!