WE GOT THE HOUSE!!! Our new address will be the same as before, because my parents actually bought a house and we will be renting the old one from them! I am so excited, for everyone! They will be closing on the house by the end of February, and we will move them in that weekend. Darin, Luke and I will have a lot of house here for three, but it will be great to have our own home. So I’m sure you’d rather hear about the house my parents are buying, right?! Well, it is gorgeous. Only 2 years old, four bedroom, three and half bath (can you believe that… they will have so much free time, now that they don’t have to wait for the bathroom!), study, dining, living, and bonus room. Oh and the kitchen is huge and beautiful and we think it has enough cabinet space for all my mom’s stuff, finally! I love the dark hardwood floors (but carpet upstairs and in the master suite, good for cold toes)! I don’t really know how excited my dad is since he is still out of town, but I’m sure he peed his pants, jk. I almost did!


7 thoughts on “Woooooohoooooo!

  1. Yeeeeaaah!!! Does that mean we can come and visit now? Jack has spring break off school the first week in March. You guys free then? Soooo excited you guys get your own space!!

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