Hip Hooray!

Just a quick update on my adorable box of giggles.
Christina gave him this bear and he loves to wrestle with it, hug it, kiss it. Adorable!
He is quite a little fireball these days. He obviously thinks the more he waves his arms, the faster he is running!
He is the commander, totally in charge. He knows how to turn on the Wii and X-box, put the games in and out, change the source of the TV to the Wii. He also turns the TV off when we aren’t giving him enough attention.
nana eater
Snack time seems to be about every hour. He loves bananas and yogurt. He also tries everything I give him, doesn’t always like it, but at least tries!
He talks all the time, but mostly about airplanes. He hears them, and loves to look for them.
Oh and he laughs… a lot. I love it!


3 thoughts on “Hip Hooray!

  1. That is adorable!!! Luke is getting so big! Ari has a bear that he “wrestles” with too…except he bites his nose and it looks like he’s making out with the bear hehe. You need to post a video with his ramblings. I’d love to hear him:)

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