We got a season pass to the Nashville zoo and decided to take our first visit. Luke and I headed off after lunch to see how long he would last. I took a few notes for next time…
1. take pictures of Luke at the zoo
2. have better treats to bribe Luke to ride in the stroller, or let him push me in the stroller
3. binoculars would make it more fun for him to “look” at animals
4. if it’s just a nice day, it will be 20 degrees hotter at the zoo because of all the people (don’t wear pants ever)
5. hats, for everyone!
All in all he really enjoyed himself and I got in a lot of walking! Luke definitely takes after me though…a serious people watcher, he kept getting distracted by everyone around him. And of course, he gave them that “who do you think you are” look! Yay for zoo passes. I can bring a friend, anyone wanna come?


6 thoughts on “ZOO NOTES!!

  1. Yeah for the zoo! I want to come! :o) And then we’ll have to come back and do Cleveland’s zoo. Residents of our county get to go free every Monday and it’s lots of fun.

  2. Not many mothers would even have the option of letting their 1 year old push them in the stroller…that made my laugh…HARD! Fun time at the zoo!

  3. Delise,

    Luke has really grown up a alot since you have seen him. He does most things around here. He cooks, cleans, and does the dishes, so, pushing Nada in the stroller is just one of the many things he is capable of now.

  4. Oh we’d like to go…oh wait the car ride might kill me:) Ari loved the zoo when we went over Christmas too and his favorite animal is the fish too! I think its probable because the fish move so quickly and all the other animals just sit there. That’s so cute about him pushing you…I could totally see that!

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