thoughts on the now…

Well, as usual I am mostly posting about Luke, because he is my world and I find most of what he does to be amazing, hilarious, or down right cute.
I did NOT find the golf ball in the toilet too funny, but the next toilet trick made me laugh. He really listens when I tell him what can go in the toilet!
toilet trouble
Also this is a daily occurrence that I finally took a picture of… the yogurt goatee!
yogurt face
By the way, Luke wanted to tell you what his favorite animal was at the zoo…
fish face
(that’s a fish face for ya, he won’t say fish, just makes the face!)
He is quite a busy boy, here he is helping me in the office. He must know that chaos, clutter, and mess elevate my blood pressure, so he finds ways to get me to visit the doctor more often (don’t worry I’m going on Monday, I’ll tell ya all about it)
office work
We’ve had a few really nice days, so of course they have been spent outside. Here he is looking at airplanes, buses, or birds (he hears them ALL the time). I couldn’t catch him with Daddy’s hat on, but he looked really adorable.
hi bus!
And we’ve had a few rainy days, those seem SO LONG for BOTH of US! Coloring, games, chase, peekaboo… all boring when we could be outside, …I don’t care if I get wet says Luke, Mommy disagrees!
rainy day
(he has ball and everything, let’s go blese! (please in Luke talk))
At least when Daddy comes home, there’s more entertainment. Luke loves his daddy, wrestling or cuddling!
daddy love
Which brings me to my next topic, not Luke for a change, but my husband. I love him too. I am so grateful that he will cook dinner or wash dishes or put Luke to bed when its been a long day – and when it hasn’t. He is a smart man. Observant, knows what is needed. I am truly happily married and glad I’ve him to work with through the roller coaster ride we’re on! He takes joy in my little stories of my day, making it all seem important. and sometimes I need to feel important.
Speaking important things, somehow I got hooked on American Idol this season. And I really like Megan Corkrey… there I said it. I know many may disagree but I like her different sound. BUT I do love Danny Gokey, fabulous. Adam Lambert really is in a league of his own, but I don’t want him to win, talented but not the talent I enjoy. The rest take it or leave it, oh but I was happy that Michael left, just not strong enough to compete I believe, and well, I didn’t really enjoy him either.
One final thought for ya, I can’t wait to have a big BBQ and invite everyone I know over, so I was gonna clean out my dad’s old grill and guess what I found inside…
birds nest
yeah, a bird’s nest. I guess it was a cold winter for us in Tennessee, squirrels moving into Darin’s engine, birds nesting in the grill… I just can’t figure out how the bird got in and out! No BBQs until the eggs hatch, I’m not gonna have their death hanging over my head.


9 thoughts on “thoughts on the now…

  1. It is always good to hear so many common thoughts and feelings. I thought today I probably rave and rant about my kids a little too much. However, after reading your thoughts realized I’m not ranting more than any other mom who thinks her children are the greatest. We discuss what we know best, right?!
    Glad to hear Darin lifts you up when you need it most. You are a great mommy and just remember that. Call us when the birds hatch and move on. 🙂

  2. Cute pictures Nada! I love your post–it is fun to see how you guys are doing! That is amazing that you found a nest in the BBQ! I am in the same boat with you on the idol stuff by the way…I have never been interested in it until this year. Congrats on your pregnancy!! (Eavesdropped from Jill’s comment)

  3. How cute! Luke is a blond, male version of you, Nada. His cute little face just reminds me of you! Here’s hoping you get a girl this time–it’s so fun being the mom of a little girl! 🙂

  4. Adorable photos. I love Luke! And I really like American Idol too! So addicting. I agree with all your comments except I’m not a fan of Megan, but now she’s gone, so… Anywho when do you get to find out if baby is a boy or a girl? Sometime this month I’m assuming… And when are you having that BBQ? We want to come too, lol! But for real, we’re going out to Charlotte in June so hope to see you then!!!!

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